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Mount of Olives

WHERE did this happen in TIME ?...

PROMISE 33 - Jeremiah 33 - The LORD says, Call ME, and I will tell you great and mighty things you know not. David will never lack a ruler to sit on the throne over the HOUSE of ISRAEL (not over the HOUSE of JUDAH - the brothers and sisters called Jews).

As long as the sun and moon is in the sky, the LORD said, MY covenant will remain. (Last time I checked, the sun was still in the sky today. So where's the THRONE? Where is the RULER over the HOUSE of ISRAEL?)

PROMISE 34 - Jeremiah 34 - tear down, destroy... (Zedekiah was JUDAH's last king.)

PROMISE 35 - Jeremiah 46:27-28 - The LORD said to ISRAEL, I will save you from afar, I shall not make a full end to you.

PROMISE 36 - Ezekiel 37:24 - the prophet was carried out by the Spirit of GOD to a valley. What valley? Where? Ezekiel answers the question "where?" v12 - another place than the land of Israel - ... a place where v10 - they "...came to life and became an exceedingly great army". (In the last days) David will be king over them... a prince forever; vs.11-23 the bones of the lost HOUSE of ISRAEL speak, our bones are dried... (Things that speak aren't dead. These people are still alive - somewhere!).

In the last days, GOD will breathe new life into them... and bring: 1. JUDAH, and 2. JOSEPH (EPHRAIM & MANASSEH) out of the nations and into the land of ISRAEL. And there, to become one.

PROMISE 37 - Amos 9:9 - GOD will shake ISRAEL among all nations, but not a kernel will fall to the ground. (not one will be lost)

PROMISE 38 - Numbers 23:8 - Balaam asked, How can I curse whom GOD has not cursed? - a people who dwell apart. vs.19 - GOD is not a man that HE should lie; nor the son of man that HE should repent; Has HE said, and will HE not do it? Or has HE spoken, and will HE not make it good?

PROMISE 39 - Numbers 24:5 - of ISRAEL, his prosperity and blessing, his seed shall be by many waters. (Where? What many waters?)

PROMISE 40 - Numbers 24:9 - [ISRAEL] couches as a lion, Blessed is everyone who blesses you, and cursed is everyone who curses you.

PROMISE 41 - Numbers 24:17 - The LORD declares, I see him, but not now (at the end), and not near. A Scepter shall rise from ISRAEL and crush Moab, Sheth, and Edom (the "Red" nation at the end of time)

PROMISE 42 - Isaiah 19:19 - In that Day (the last days of the time of the Gentiles), there will be an altar to the LORD in the middle of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the LORD near at its borders. (The Great Pyramid of Giza, (and isn't that name Giza interesting? How do you pronounce it? or view the The Great Pyramid of Giza (how do you pronounce the name Giza?)le meridien hotel webcam page.)

PROMISE 43 - Jeremiah 32:17-20 - Nothing is too difficult for GOD... who has set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt?

PROMISE 44 - Isaiah 41:1-3 - Listen to ME, Oh Islands and gain new strength. (What islands?) One (Jeremiah) passing by a way his feet have not traveled (Jeremiah sail first to Spain and then to Ireland bringing with him the "daughter of a Pharoah".)

PROMISE 45 - Isaiah 41:5-7 - The Islands, the ends of the earth - create a common commercial good.

PROMISE 46 - Isaiah 41:8-10 - The LORD said, ISRAEL and JACOB I have taken from the ends of the earth and called... from the remotest parts: You are MY servant. (What "ends of the earth"? What remote parts?)

PROMISE 47 - Isaiah 41:11-13 - GOD promises to ISRAEL: Those who are angry, who contend, who war with you... adios!

PROMISE 48 - Isaiah 42:14-16 - GOD kept silent for a long time. Now the LORD declares "I will" 7 times.

Don't stop asking yourself... WHERE are these promises fulfilled?...

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