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RUSSIA AND THE USA - an enduring relation...?

Think back to the 1700s and 1800s… and ask yourself, what do you really know about American history, a history that is being edited and surreptitiously whitewashed in most modern history books. In one very real sense, the greatest enemy of the United States and Russia, has always been the British Empire that at its peak was the largest empire and foremost global power in world history.

Now we greatly love our British brothers and sisters in the Lord; we fully support their Brexit; which is grand defiance, modern protestants at their finest: against the roman globalists agenda. But we also want it perfectly clear:

We greatly love our Russian brothers and sisters in the Lord. Next to the United States, Russia is the second largest Christian community in the world. Since the Reformation it has had a Herodian or Jesuits target on it like all of the other non-catholic nations overrun by criminals, thieves and robbers. Like I said, we love our Russian brothers and sisters in the Lord.

The United Kingdom

Some background history: in 1600s and onward, we know King James, and Elizabeth I both true leaders who led the great British Commonwealth of Nations that was rapidly developing – these descendants of Ephraim, thus fulfilling their unique nationalistic promises first given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob… then passed along to the second half-Egyptian son of Joseph: Ephraim. Any interference with their commonwealth expansion would be unwelcomed; and would be viewed as an enemy to the UK.

The United States of America,

And in this very imperfect world, where money and greed compete to be the root of all evil; and the UK probably spawned by Jesuits already taking back their lost ground in the UK, they said that American Exceptionalism needed to be stopped – little did they know or remember that the older half-Egyptian son of Joseph would become a great nation; both sons: the commonwealth and the nation were given unique assignments by the Lord and would be at the center of attention in the world – Genesis 48. And quite honestly, if these 2 are not the commonwealth and the nation that Moses wrote about, if they do not fulfill the prophecies given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then whomever it will be… they better hurry, because these 2 have already done the job.


Well, that leaves us with the third large community in 1700 – 1800s. Orthodox Russia. It was the disciples Andrew and Bartholomew who, 2000 years ago, first carried the Good News of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ to Armenia and Russia and regions beyond.

During the American Revolutionary War, it was Empress Catherine the Great of Russia, who struggled at first to remain neutral and not interfere; she sent her emissaries to assure the United Kingdom, as well as the fledgling 13 American colonies… of Russia’s neutrality. But as the war years dragged on, Catherine the Great secretly would side with the newly forming America since together they could better resist the growing influence of the commonwealth of the UK.

In 1853, both Russia and America were establishing global sea routes for their merchant shipping fleets and navies, in hope to cut into some of the UK markets. Answering them, the UK started the Crimean War destabilizing Europe. After successfully blocking Russia’s effort to open up global trade, the British Empire next moved against the United States leading up to the Civil War in America.

But President Lincoln and Tsar Alexander II formed an alliance, and the Tsar encouraged the US to purchase Alaska which they could not do at the time with the unrest taking place in the southern states of the US, but also among the peasants of Russia – unrest being fanned by the Herodian disrupters.

In 1861, Tsar Alexander freed all the serfs in Russia; and two years later in 1863, Lincoln freed all the slaves in America – which is why history remembers them both as the two great liberators. At this same time, in what is known as the Trent Affair, we learn that the UK was preparing to attack America from both Canada and Mexico… in order to preserve the British and French commercial interests in the southern slave states; and thereby keeping the US from becoming a world power.

The Russian Tsar warned Lincoln of the insurrection going on in Boston and New York; and Lincoln rapidly responded by mass-arresting over 14,000 British confederate sympathizers. Think of all the fake news that was going on during that time.

Tsar Alexander ordered the Russian Navy to sail and protect Lincoln, with the Russian Baltic fleet arriving in New York harbor; and the Russian Far East fleet arriving in San Francisco. Needless to say, the British were angry, and they sent agents to bribe and recruit collaborators in America to kidnap or kill the president. In March 1881, they did the same, sending agents to assassinate Tsar Alexander II.

In 1867, Tsar Alexander continued in Russia’s interest and sought for President McKinley to purchase Alaska that they continue the longest trade lanes across Russia connecting to Alaska and all the way to South America; as Russia did not want to be cornered in Siberia with the UK at their backdoor.

Isn’t it interesting, that President McKinley could not complete the joint trade-route dream, since he also was assassinated?

We greatly love our brothers and sisters in the Lord – be they British, or Russian; or wherever they are: North, South, East or West. Any friend of Jesus is a friend of ours.

As for the greedy bastards, and crooks and perverts and twisted sociopaths and thieves and robbers in govt who promote massive numbers of missing children and their disgusting practices of abuse toward the youngest, most vulnerable; but we know, what they do to the least, they do to the Lord; and He will one day settle the score.

Those who promote smashing and destroying until the whole world is broken: We will let the Lord handle them also; when He does (since we read the last chapter of the Book); we know it will be ugly for them.

Isn't genetics and DNA research interesting? Joseph's 2 sons were 1/2-Egyptian; and Scotia -- where Scotland gets its name, according to ancient Irish history, was the daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh; in Egypt during the Hyksos era - the foreign shepherds era, numerous mummies of pharaohs with red hair are found – red hair is the least common color of hair, the distribution of red hair is about 1% in the world, but in Scotland and Ireland around 10 – 13 % of the population has red hair, with 30 – 45% carrying the red hair gene; 70% of men in Britain have a genetic profile related to King Tutankhamen of Egypt (while less than 1% of modern day Egyptians have that same genetic connection)


Ask yourselfWHERE are the promises to Abraham and his generations fulfilled? And what Nation or Nations will protect and defend Jerusalem in the Last Days? ... More Promises of God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

JESUS CHRIST, The WORD made flesh: This is what we believe and affirm.

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